What we do

We established JGS Private with a mission to...

"...harness our fiercely independent, multi-faceted, 34 year track record of property advising and investing, to provide property investment partnerships for wholesale and sophisticated investors"

Our objective

 JGS Private’s objective is to:

  • Create partnerships that deliver consistent, secure and stable returns;
  • Maintain and build confidence and loyalty from our investors; and
  • Continually demonstrate principled investment management and discipline.

Generational knowhow

The executive management of JGS Private, as part of JGS Property, has deep experience, collectively spanning 150+ years, in property, finance and investment advice & management. We are not builders, developers, speculators or real estate agents. Rather, property investment is all we do and we have a deep knowledge of property and returns with an enviable reputation of experience, knowledge and integrity built through generational knowhow.

Generational Knowhow

We are experienced in working with the trustees, executives and asset consultant firms for some of Australia’s largest institutional investors. We understand the extensive legal and moral responsibilities which trustees and directors have to their underlying members and/or investors. 

JGS Private can demonstrate experience from a multi-discipline team that provides a rare capacity to identify opportunities and to assess and manage the risks and rewards inherent in property investing.