Property Investment Partnerships

JGS Private provides Property Investment Partnerships for wholesale and sophisticated investors, with the following basic characteristics:

  • Single property/strategy, unlisted trusts
  • Typically 5-7 year timeframes
  • Conservative levels of debt
  • Income driven returns
  • Stable medium to long term cash flows
  • Quality tenants/lease covenants
  • Generational knowhow
  • Independence
  • Institutional quality processes and governance
  • Property is all we do



We are always searching for new opportunities, but we are not driven to invest carelessly and are disciplined enough to say no.

We do not have open-ended trusts ready for investment. Nor are we driven to simply build assets or funds under management within unrealistic timeframes.

Our guiding principles of consistency and discipline demand that we stay true to label, and we believe good property investments opportunities, often take time.

To keep informed about new property investment opportunities, please register your interest to become part of the JGS Private investor family.