Guiding Principles & Philosophy

JGS Private's investment philosophy is centred on a clear understanding of our investors needs, in order to determine the core principles by which we approach the management of property investments.

JGS Private Wheel

As a result of these guiding principals, at JGS Private, we:

  1. Think like property owners and investors;
  2. Employ a risk managed approach to property investment at all stages;
  3. Are aligned & accountable as both a co-investor and as the trustee/manager;
  4. Provide access to opportunities not available to investors on their own;
  5. Offer single strategy investment opportunities;
  6. Are a trusted adviser and partner to our investors;
  7. Demonstrate experience in deal creation and execution in accordance with our tested and robust investment process;
  8. Demonstrate expertise in financial and cost management;
  9. Must be as good a seller as a buyer;
  10. Demand from others what we demand from ourselves;
  11. Provide transparency and alignment in our management of costs, particularly in respect of our remuneration; and
  12. Operate under a framework of institutional quality high standards of corporate governance and reporting.