About JGS

Generational knowhow

JGS Property is an independent Australian owned and operated property advisory business providing unambiguous advice to property investors, vendors and buyers throughout the world.

The breadth of our clientele, coupled with over 30 years industry experience, reinforces JGS Property's standing as one of Australia's most trusted property investment consultancies.

Decades of experience and generational knowhow give us a comprehensive insight into the variety of challenges and opportunities our clients face. JGS Property has a reputation for service provision on a remuneration basis that is market competitive and properly reflects our skills whilst maintaining an overriding commitment to value for money.

JGS is committed to retaining a culture which focuses on customer objectives while nurturing and rewarding loyalty, honesty and integrity in our staff. JGS Property is immensely proud of its history and reputation as an honest and ethical company expressed through loyal long-term client relationships - some extending more than 25 years.

Our ability to provide honest, impartial advice is grounded in our client focus. We don't act as property developers or act in any way that might conflict with our responsibility to clients.

Our philosophy of independent and unambiguous advice is as important to us as it is to our clients.